LANman Incorporated is in the business of constructing computer networks that give you the quality service and access to the data necessary for you to run your business.  To conduct this service, we often need access to your computer data and customer information to configure, support, and test your network.  This policy is our standard for how we conduct our service in regards to this information.

  • Information regarding our clients, their private information, or their client information, will sometimes be needed to perform work or testing of our client’s computer network.  This information will be used only on a “need to use” basis.

  • All information, public or private, viewed or used as a result of any of our services is kept completely confidential to the client and to the use of the work being done.

  • In certain circumstances, some private information about the client or data may be disclosed to a third party that LANman may use to install or repair the computer network, e.g., the bank processor or software manufacturer.  Our client will be informed if such information is needed before given out.

  • Any other instance or need of public or private information from our clients will be handled at the client’s discretion.

  • No private information will be used or discussed with any other LANman client or institution.

LANman strives to be a complete network solution for all of our clients.  Privacy of information is one of our utmost concerns, both to our clients and to theirs’.  If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact Derek Van at:

LANman Incoporated
10865 S. Carbondale St.
Olathe, KS  66061

Phone: 913.839.3035
Fax: 913.839.3036