LANman Incorporated provides computer and network services to businesses in the Kansas City area. We have the knowledge and experience for all your Information Technology (IT) needs. Whether it’s server/workstation support, data backup solutions, data recovery, anti-virus/malware protection, network security, network/phone cabling or any other IT needs. LANman provides you professional, high-quality service and 24/7 support at reasonable rates. You expect your business to run 24/7 and we will help maintain your network so it does.

LANman knows everything doesn’t work forever. We have routine checkups for your network just like you do for your car. A little preventive maintenance goes a long way to insure your network runs when it needs too. We have the ability to monitor your server/workstation status remotely 24/7, respond via email/text messaging when problems occur, and provide monthly diagnostic reports so you can adjust or plan for possible fixes before problems arise.

LANman provides onsite and remote site support for your IT needs. Most computer and networking issues can be resolved remotely. This is great for resolving your IT needs while out of the office.

LANman helps you be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to IT needs. Grow your business without worries that your IT structure can’t support it. We know you have a business to run and don’t need to know the ins and outs of IT. We guide you in the right direction.

Businesses live on and need their Internet connection. LANman can help secure the connection along with protecting your system from attacks, viruses, and the like. We assist you in blocking access to Internet sites that aren’t part of your business. You and your employees are protected. You wont worry about where and what you are accessing. We can also provide you with reports that identify who, what, when and where as it relates to Internet usage.

Networks are not infected by hackers or attackers, but by web sites and opening emails and attachments. Let LANman help in removing these possible vulnerabilities with network policies and automated windows updates.

LANman Incorporated is here to assist and protect you 24/7. Your IT needs and maintenance are our specialty. Let us assist you today by contacting our office at 913.839.3035 or use our convenient web email form.